Vegas Rigg is a theatrical rigging consulting company. We specialize in corporate theatrical production. We design and engineer truss, motor, and control systems as well as special effects associated with stage installations, film or television production, and live sporting events. We take the project from inception to completion, including on site supervision for installation, operation, and dismantling.

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Partial Client List

McDonalds We've been doing all the worldwide owner operator events, and the manager's meetings for the past several years, with special guests : Sir Elton John, Rod Stewart, and more!

State Farm Insurance The largest most elaborate "Broadway Style" event in the industry. We have been consulting since 1996!

Mercedes New product reveals and press conferences in New Orleans, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, etc., most recently with James Taylor as the special guest.

Lowes Annual National Sales Meetings with special guest stars : Tim McGraW, Faith Hill, Maroon 5, Bare Naked Ladies, and more!

IBM We do many events and shows for several divisions of IBM, including: Pulse, Impact, Edge, IOD (information on demand), and BOI (Best of IBM, in locations around the world).

Google Just rigged their 2013 party event in Las Vegas, with special guest Bruno Mars!

Other Clients Microsoft, T-Mobile, Avon, Cadillac, Cisco, Deloitte, Heineken, HP, Chipotle, Dell, Sony, Kia, Nissan, Hyundai, and Samsung